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Taming the Hustle or Something of the Sorts

Taming the Hustle or Something of the Sorts

Welcome to Taming the Hustle... or Something of the Sorts. This informative yet entertaining show hosted by Certified Financial Planner René Boudreault along with marketing and advertising Guru Darryl Boulley. Together, they share a mixture of financial guidance, advertising and marketing tips, business ideas, and a lot of humour and real-life advice... and usually an embarrassing life moment along the way.

Recent Episodes

Nov. 29, 2022

Recession... The Forbidden Word

Do you want to know how to stay empowered, so you don't have to panic when you hear the word recession? René and Darryl's special…

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Nov. 15, 2022

Money & Marriage and Brainstorm Like a Pro

Your small business can be just as creative as a large marketing and advertising team. In this episode, Darryl shares some tips a…

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Nov. 1, 2022

Comparing Savings and Small Business PR

Do you wonder how your savings compares to people your age... Well, Rene has news for you! In this episode, the guys discuss comp…

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Oct. 18, 2022

Retirement Mistakes and Avoid Killing Your Content

Want to feel more confident about your future? Tune in as René highlights the common mistakes and myths of retirement planning. D…

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Oct. 4, 2022

Small Town Big City Vibe and Selling a Business

Have you ever wondered what's involved financially when selling a business or how earlier you should start thinking about it? In …

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Sept. 20, 2022

The Financial Stress Test and Starting a Business

Have you ever wondered how much you can live off of during retirement? In this episode, René discusses the importance of the fina…

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Sept. 6, 2022

It's ESG Investing and the Humanizing Factor

There is a big difference between ESG-rated investments and Impact Investing, and on this week's show, Darryl learns the differen…

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Aug. 23, 2022

Let's talk Holistic Financial Planning and Ethical Marketing

Today René teaches us why holistic financial planning is essential to your bottom line. Next, Darryl will give us the low down on…

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Aug. 9, 2022

The Financial World of Divorce and Marketing Mistakes and Myths

We keep things light as René dives in and simplifies the complex financial aspects of divorce. Then Darryl provides us with an in…

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Aug. 2, 2022

Welcome to our Podcast

Welcome to Taming the Hustle... or Something of the Sorts. Before we get this show on the road, let us introduce ourselves and gi…

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